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    Posted 10-15-2020 07:36

    Blue Prism Interact is a native, human-to-digital-worker collaboration platform that makes secure, interactive, real-time communication with digital colleagues a reality. This new addition to the Interact suite is now available as a standalone on-premises product.

    What can you do with Interact?

    • Interact is designed to address any process that requires manual initiation (attended automation) or human-to-digital-worker collaboration.
    • Employees can easily partner with digital worker colleagues to initiate, verify, receive, and authorize a variety of work, related to an organization's business processes, and create natural workflows across front, middle, and back-office functions.
    • Interact can also be customized to fit the business's branding guidelines, complementing the look and feel of the branding for individual businesses.

    Why Interact?

    • Many organizations are adopting a strategy of employing both digital and human workers and are increasingly requiring more seamless collaboration between the two.
    • Many business processes also require human intervention at various stages and customers need assurance that any human-digital worker collaboration platform is secure, easy to use, and scalable.
    • The new on-premises Interact collaboration platform gives organizations a proven approach for secure, real-time, easy-to-use, human-digital communication capabilities and provides the flexibility to use the platform when business needs demand.
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    Izak Bester
    Solutions Consultant
    Blue Prism