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Unveiling a New Blue Prism

  • 1.  Unveiling a New Blue Prism

    Posted 17 days ago

    The world is still grappling with unfathomable challenges, requiring, in the same breath, both an ethical approach to business and a mindful approach to messaging.

    Connectivity and community are now more important than ever as we work out how to navigate disconnected spaces. 


    Silence is not an option.


    We need to evolve and demonstrate, with a confident voice, how we can continue to help our customers with their own growth, reinvention and business needs.  And we realise the need for marketing communication that cuts through digital noise, ensuring that messages land, are understood and inspire action.


    So, during various stages of lock-down the marketing communications, brand and creative teams at Blue Prism have been busy.  Not able to leave the house, we're redecorated, baked and looked after each other.  But we also had a long, hard think about how Blue Prism's marketing approach could be reinvented; which colour to paint the metaphorical walls and what new furnishings to bring our stories alive?


    I am pleased to soon unveil the 'new prism', the result of much hard work from a small team of skilled, innovative professionals who wanted to bring our story to life.  A team that wanted to create visually stunning assets to support great words; a team that needed to be free to challenge convention (in the same way Blue Prism technology does).


    We've reinvented ourselves through all elements of our expression:


    • A new tone of voice - confident, clear, active and consistent.  A voice that doesn't leave people second guessing what our products offer.
    • A new brand mark, subtly evolved to meet the needs of today's demanding B2B market-place, in addition to an adjusted and re-created brand hierarchy.
    • A new colour palette that allows for the creation of stunning design to flood our channels and marketing material.


    We will unveil a new Blue Prism to reflect who we have become and to support our vision to provide a digital workforce for every enterprise.



    Paul Taylor
    SVP Corporate Communications

  • 2.  RE: Unveiling a New Blue Prism

    Posted 17 days ago
    Hoping for some exciting features from Blue prism. At least a web version of blue prism.

    Amlan Sahoo
    RPA Consultant

  • 3.  RE: Unveiling a New Blue Prism

    Posted 17 days ago
    We are continuing to develop an exciting roadmap of features to roll out over the next quarters, I am sure our product team will soon be in touch with more!

    Paul Taylor