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Asset Migration Challenge Solution Now Available on the DX!

  • 1.  Asset Migration Challenge Solution Now Available on the DX!

    Posted 07-15-2020 02:22
    If you've heard about our #BPW2020Challenges then you already know ​all about the dedicated teams who worked hard to create their own unique solutions to some of Blue Prism's most common challenges. If you haven't, check out our RECAP: BPW 2020 Challenges post. 

    Following the BPW Challenges, we have great news! Enta Consulting, one of the teams who participated in the Automated Asset Migration Challenge, have published their solution to the DX! Please find the link to the asset below, and let us know what you think! We hope this is just one of many BPW 2020 Challenge solutions to be released in the coming weeks!



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Welcome to the Blue Prism Digital Exchange Community!

The Blue Prism Digital Exchange is a "shop window" for new and emerging technologies—a platform that puts powerful RPA and AI capabilities into the hands of business leaders. Users can find and apply pre-built AI capabilities, in the form of downloadable integrations and Visual Business Objects (VBOs), to automated processes. These assets connect and integrate Digital Workers, existing systems and processes to Blue Prism's technology partners, creating a solid foundation of AI-enabled Intelligent Automation that's scalable and sustainable.

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The Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX) is an online marketplace where businesses can instantly access, apply and share pre-built AI, cognitive and advanced RPA technologies from best-in-class providers. These assets easily connect to existing digital workers, systems and processes to enhance automation capabilities.
The Digital Exchange is free to all users. Most of the content on the DX is free to download but there are some submissions that do have a cost associated. The submissions with a cost are advertised on the asset card and profile. No unwanted costs will be applied to any users.
You can visit and browse the Digital Exchange here. If you would like to consume or download any material it is necessary to create an account on the Blue Prism Portal first.
Everyone can access the Digital Exchange and consume the assets on it. If you would like to contribute to the marketplace it is necessary that you create an account and sign up as a partner.