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SQL Syntax Issue
1 35 minutes ago by Vivek Goel
Original post by Manas Jena
Internal : Failed To perform Step 1 In Navigate Stage 'Launch' on page 'Launch' - Not Connected
3 15 hours ago by Ashish Easow
Original post by Huisen Zhan
Application Modeller
2 19 hours ago by Lee Nash
Original post by Sagar Jaiswal
Connect to Dynamics 365 web api
1 yesterday by Jorge Barajas
Original post by Frode Magnussen
Blue Prism Session log and Process log downloading
5 yesterday by Jinil Sebastian
Original post by Sheetal Vijaykumar
UI Mode and UIA Automation ID
0 2 days ago by Manas Jena
Web path changing - used * & ? & +
5 2 days ago by Dmitrij Mamajev
Original post by Nilesh Jadhav
SOAP WebService error
3 3 days ago by Deepak BV
Original post by Michal Kowalczyk
Question on VBO access?
1 6 days ago by Dave Morris
Original post by Harish M
Error occurring on Salesforce Authentication skill - Authenticate With Credential
1 8 days ago by Luwei Zhang
Make IE in Windows 10 to have only 1 PID for all TABS
5 8 days ago by Ionut Cohen
Cannot Spy CaseWare App elements
0 9 days ago by Barry Bell
Not able to spy elements - Firefox
1 10 days ago by MIROSLAW GADEK
Unable to attach to Application when launched as another user
3 10 days ago by Thomas Sun
Original post by Patrick Ottery
SOAP Webservice Import Issue BPV6
1 10 days ago by Dave Morris
Original post by Bharrat K Mohan
HTML Spying Problem
7 10 days ago by Gaurav Dhiman
Original post by Charles Baker
Restriction in Developer for Saving but is able to Edit Stage and Data items at Debug testing.
2 13 days ago by Ulysses Marquez
BPA Object - Intelligent Services - Utilities
0 14 days ago by Alberto Genovese
Legal restrictions on automating software via RPA
4 15 days ago by Dave Morris
Original post by Anton Sauchyk
Run SAP in background
1 15 days ago by Esteban Eduardo Etchebarne Del Campo
Original post by J M
Can we automate Putty application using BluePrism?
9 15 days ago by Vivek Goel
Original post by Kali Raj
Writing to a CSV
2 20 days ago by Tim Jarvis-Rouse
Original post by Maneesh Vemula
CSV Format Issue
6 21 days ago by Maneesh Vemula
How to obtain window title in Web application?
2 21 days ago by Zdeněk Kabátek
Original post by Harish M
IE Java mode Spy Exceltion :Exception getting Java Identfier KeyBindings Exception: Index was outside the bounds of the array
2 21 days ago by Mainak Bhowmik
Original post by deepak Sagar
Adobe Spying
8 21 days ago by Laura Bignell
SAP Scripting in Code Stage
6 21 days ago by Sharath Kumar Pennada
Original post by Daniel Jebaraj Jones Theophilus
Need alternative of MS Office installation on BP server.
5 21 days ago by Walter Koller
Original post by Tomar singh Chauhan
Automation on VPN or token based Web application?
0 22 days ago by Harish M
Blue Prism works within Citrix?
4 23 days ago by Amyn Jaffer
Original post by Damian Benitez
Exposed Objects and CI/CD Piplines
2 23 days ago by Jessie Brooks
Active directory connectivity on secure port 636
0 23 days ago by Nagarjuna Atukuri
Running VBA script for Date time removal
1 25 days ago by Gopal Bhaire
Original post by David O'Sullivan
Unable to invoke BluePrism Process via SOAP API
2 26 days ago by Peter Lacken
Original post by Ram Kinar
Spy with UIA Process Id
2 27 days ago by Christian Panhans
Spying Elements in Chrome
7 28 days ago by Neha Tapkir
Original post by Karthik Kamalakannan
Upload file to Google Drive via API
1 28 days ago by James Roberts
Original post by PABLO PEREZ-ENCISO
OLEDB Crashed Blue Prism
3 29 days ago by Nick LeGuerrier
Trigger Process in Blue Prism when email arrives in Outlook
4 29 days ago by Narayan Shrawagi
Original post by Adil Hussain
Saleforce Integration
14 one month ago by Ishan Mahajan
Original post by harish Meda
ERROR: Internal : the value could not be null. Name of the parameter: s
4 one month ago by Pirawut M.
Continuous Integration with jenkins fails
7 one month ago by Jessie Brooks
Original post by Uday Arikatla
BMC Control-M integration with Blue Prism 0 one month ago by Josh Noble
ServiceNOW Upload Attachment
0 one month ago by Pavel Král
Cannot cast value into string
1 one month ago by Marius Wachholz
How to paste urls in blue prism from excel/collection in browser?
1 one month ago by Gopal Bhaire
Original post by shah s
Issue with Double click action
6 one month ago by Gopal Bhaire
Original post by Maneesh Vemula
How to send a local file to Jira using API and form-data
2 one month ago by Patryk Liberski
Integration with Microsoft Teams
2 one month ago by Peter Lacken
Original post by Elliot Barling
Application crashes when spying in UIA or AA
3 one month ago by Max McConchie