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This community covers all Blue Prism offerings for Service Assist.

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Journey with BP Service Assist in the contact center
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Digital Workers Graduate in customer service and support with CLEVVA
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Unexpected closing of BluePrism at 23:00
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Contact Center Observations - Take 1
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Contact Center Transformation with Genesys and Blue Prism
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Contact Center Transformation Vision and Ecosystem
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Service Assist Users: Help us improve the experience of our products
0 6 4 months ago by Maria Panagiotidi
Research - we need you!
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Scheduler not executing processes
9 36 5 months ago by Nicholas D'Agostino
Can we integrate with Azure Devops
1 17 5 months ago by Emerson Ferreira
Original post by Narendra babu
Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS
0 11 5 months ago by Alisa DiStaso
Service Assist automated logoff after time
5 22 5 months ago by Zdeněk Kabátek
Unable to map users in the Blue Prism and Authentication Server databases
3 23 5 months ago by Ram Prasad Gajula
Announcing Blue Prism Service Assist for AWS 0 22 6 months ago by Amy Lemen
Embedding Service Assist into Client Portal 6 40 6 months ago by Zdeněk Kabátek
Original post by James Wood
🌐🤖 Blue Prism World this week! 🤖🌐
0 3 6 months ago by James Wood
🎉Introducing Service Assist 2021.1🎉 7 42 7 months ago by James Wood
Service Assist 360 Degree View Demo 0 11 8 months ago by Alisa DiStaso
Welcome to the Service Assist Community
0 7 8 months ago by James Wood
Intro to Service Assist Demo Video 0 15 8 months ago by Alisa DiStaso
Service Assist Use Cases 0 15 8 months ago by Alisa DiStaso

Welcome to the Service Assist Community!

The community for Contact Center and other Front Office RPA discussions. This community is focused on helping you to get the most out of Service Assist and solving your business challenges. Please feel free to ask questions, share your experiences, and get stuck in!

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Service Assist is a highly secure, scalable enterprise automation solution designed for contact centers. The solution provides a complete automation layer inside your contact center ecosystem. It is enabled by the Blue Prism Digital Workforce – a pool of software robots that act as digital assistants to contact center agents and virtual channels, accelerating end-to-end digital customer service. Digital workers seamlessly communicate with agents, back office systems and across chatbots, web forms, IVRs and other CX tools to accelerate customer interactions. The agents are also provided a 360-degree view of the customer across multiple channels and interactions. With Service Assist, your agents can view the most updated information in one place, make sound and strategic decisions, and delegate the task to the digital worker for completion.
Many, or almost all, current suppliers have a per agent or service worker price. This is called “per desktop pricing”. But RPA digital workers are not talking to end user customers and serving them. Why should they be priced on a per desktop basis? This is like paying agents based on the number of end user customers of the business. In a B2C businesses, this will quickly become a very large number. Blue Prism Service Assist digital workers have no per agent desktop price. They are priced based on the number of digital workers and that is a function of how much work needs to be done. This is a much more friendly pricing model as the size of the service force gets larger or as the customer scales up their solution.
Please contact your Blue Prism sales representative for more information on Blue Prism Service Assist.
Service Assist 2020.2 is compatible with Blue Prism versions 6.7, 6.8, 6.9 and 6.10.
Known issues for the latest version of Service Assist can be found here.
Service Assist requires a paid license to run. For a trial or demo, please get in touch with our sales team.
More information is available on the Service Assist portal page and in the online help.

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