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This community covers the Blue Prism for Good program.

Blue Prism For Good

The Blue Prism For Good initiative addresses four distinct areas: Charity & Fundraising, Inclusivity, Supporting not-for-profits, and Education. These are unified by our vision to unleash society’s full potential and inspire the future of work through automation. As a predominantly grassroots movement, all suggestions and ideas for volunteering are welcomed.

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  • Name : Bonolo Age : 23 My favorite school subject : Mathematics Hobbies : Digital Design, programming, running and board games. What are you expecting form the EY smart futures program : I'm expecting to be mentored in pursing my career. What would you ...

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  • Name: Francesca Age: 16 Your favourite school subject: Science/ Biology Your hobbies: drawing What are you expecting form the EY smart futures program?: I am expecting to learn new skills that I wouldn't learn in any other programmes. What ...

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  • Name: Sharifa Age: 17 Your favourite school subject: biology and P.E. Your hobbies: i like to do art, baking and sports like rugby and badminton. What are you expecting from the EY smart futures program?: I expect to gain some insight in the world ...

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  • Hi, my name is Jasveen and I am 17 years old. Currently I live in North west of England. My favourite school subject is Maths and Business studies. My hobby is to paint. I am really grateful to get the opportunity to involve in the EY smart futures ...

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  • Name: Sami Adimi Age:17 Your favourite school subject: Maths and PE Your hobbies: I paly football and I really enjoy it. I love gaming in my free time so i can adapt more to my communication skills. What are you expecting form the EY smart futures ...

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