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  • John, I missed to mention this point. We had this automated process running fine earlier until last two months. It is throwing error recently. So in that case the RDP shouldn't be an issue right? We didn't have environment changes as well except that ...

  • Can you please share the error you get for the process. That will help us to determine the root cause. ------------------------------ Luis Lopez Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish Blue Prism Ltd ------------------------------

  • Hi Stephen, I'm afraid despite the name, Active Queues does not provide the dynamism you are looking for. Adding items to a queue will not automatically increase the number of resources. In reality, starting additional resources is a manual task - you ...

  • Hi Luis, Thanks for the suggestion. I got this issue resolved. Additionally added a decision logic to login agent object-->logout page to check if the resource has already been logged out before forcing it to log off. Looks like this has to be manually ...

  • Hi everyone, I have the following problem, sometimes my scheduled process does not start, the status remains "pending" and the error in the log is "timed out waiting for all sessions to start". The process start with the login agent and BP version si ...






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