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Celebrating and enabling women succeeding in Robotic Process Automation

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    From the Women in RPA Community, we´d like to wish you all a Happy New Year! The holidays are over and it´s time to go back to routine, which can be challenging for several reasons. January is often cited at the least favourite month of the year, so ...

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    Curious about where a career in intelligent automation (IA) could take you? Wondering what skills you might need to take on a role? Listen to our inaugural webinar with an exclusive panel of women in RPA talking about the booming career opportunities ...

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    Amazing news! Glad to see the work of these great women is being acknowledged and step by step we seem to be closer to gender equality. Thanks for sharing @Jovana Djapa 😊 ------------------------------ Lorena Seco de Herrera Ortega Community Associate ...

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    Mentorship is an effective way to propel women forward in the workplace, particularly in industries like tech which suffer from low representation of women. Finding someone who inspires you and can help you believe that you are capable of reaching their ...

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    Happy Friday everyone!:) We have an upcoming webinar with our own Bindi Basan and Connie Poshala hosting a panel discussion with Pactera HR team around new challenges and opportunities brought by COVID-19. Focusing on women in workforce, our panel ...

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  • Welcome to the Women in RPA Community!

    The Women in RPA (WIRPA) initiative exists for all to celebrate the contributions of women at Blue Prism, but also women who are succeeding in Robotic Process Automation and the wider technology industry.

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  • Celebrating 1 year of WIRPA

    We are so thrilled to announce that in April, we celebrated a whole year since launching our Women in RPA initative. 

    Read about our journey here.

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