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A Community to discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certification. Please use the Product communities for specific technical queries.

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    RE: PNG files

    thank you everyone, I di spot the resource folder after sending my question ------------------------------ Kevin Learoyd ------------------------------

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    RE: PNG files

    Hello Kevin Learoyd, I hope you are well. Follow step by step: 1. Access the course. 2. Click on the next menu and expand the options 3. Select the file below and download. 4. Wait for ...

  • Hi Kevin Learoyd, Assuming you are talking about surface automation Please find below URL and navigate to download section ------------------------------ ...

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    PNG files

    Hi I am doing the relative positions exercises. I can't find the .png files 1.1.1 to 4.1.2 anyone know where I can download please? ------------------------------ Kevin Learoyd ------------------------------

  • Since 2019, Blue Prism has been providing those who pass our certification exams with a Digital Badge. These Digital Badges are easy to share, easy to verify and are automatically issued once you have passed your exam. To find out more about our Digital ...

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  • Thanks for the solution. I will try that from my end. ------------------------------ Sakthivel S ------------------------------


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