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This community is a place to discuss the Blue Prism DX and all of the assets hosted there.

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    You might try one of the EWS VBOs floating around out there. Here's one on our DX from Agilify that I've seen people reference a few times. ------------------------------ ...

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    Hi Andrew, This is excellent. Thanks and Regards, Archit Agrawal ------------------------------ Archit Agrawal ------------------------------

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    Hello Jezreel, Have you heard of SAP Accelerators VBO packages. They are geared towards organizations using SAP GUI at any stage: MIGRATION - Customers that ARE READY to upgrade S/4HANA: Enable a team of Blue Prism Digital Workers to accelerate operational ...



  • Welcome to the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX).

    This community is a space to discuss all things related to the Blue Prism Digital Exchange (DX).  

    The Blue Prism DX is a "shop window" for new and emerging technologies—a platform that puts powerful RPA and AI capabilities into the hands of business leaders. Users can find and apply pre-built AI capabilities, in the form of downloadable integrations and Visual Business Objects, to automated processes. These assets connect and integrate Digital Workers, existing systems and processes to Blue Prism's technology partners, creating a solid foundation of AI-enabled Intelligent Automation that's scalable and sustainable.
    If you have technology to share, Blue Prism DX gives global enterprise customers direct access to your AI technologies as downloadable apps, Visual Business Objects (VBOs), or via referrals to your assets.

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