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  • Posted in: Jobs board Workable Customer Support Engineer - Blue Prism About Blue PrismBlue Prism is the global leader in intelligent automation for the enterprise, ...

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    Please click this link to read more about the role and apply: DevOps Engineer - Blue Prism ( ------------------------------ Norah Alsudani Communities Strategy Director Blue Prism Europe/London *Search for the #quick_tip hashtag to get ...

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    @sukanya kamireddy , are these roles of interest to you? If so, James has included the links for the job posting. Thanks, Norah​ ------------------------------ Norah Alsudani Communities Strategy Director Blue Prism Europe/London *Search for the #quick_tip ...

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    Hi Sukanya Thanks very much for getting in touch. Unfortunately, we are no longer hiring for this role. However, please keep an eye on our website for any other roles which may be of interest to you! Georgie ------------------------------ Georgie Sanders ...

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    Blue Prism is hiring an Azure Cloud Security Engineer. Please see link below to apply. ------------------------------ Robin Coats ------------------------------

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