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For Discussion of Blue Prism in the Energy and Utilities industries

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Bringing together those in the Energy and Utilities industries who use Blue Prism software to share advice, research, tips and best practice.!

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  • Hello Everyone, It is that time of the year when many of us would get to connect and meet at Blue Prism World - our annual event for customers and partners to discuss the latest and greatest in the automation world. Given the current times, we are running ...

  • There's a webinar being re-run for those of you in contact centers: Way Beyond RPA for Contact Centers: Set Your ROI Expectations Higher. It's on February 18th at 2pm (UTC). I'm assured it will be worth a listen, as our expert panel discusses real-world ...

  • Here's brilliant blog by my colleague Joe Nagy summarizing the Top 6 Priorities for the Utilities sector for 2021. While some of these are also relevant for related sectors around other utilities, surely applies to energy and power utility providers. ...

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  • Yet another great story on leveraging intelligent automation in the energy/utility sector is from covered in a recent report of Computer Weekly . Excerpt below: " New energy market entrant has grown its customer base by over ...

  • Hi everyone, Today we would like to share with you some great news happening in the Energy industry. New energy company has grown its customer base by over 200% in just 12 months with the support of our cloud based digital workforce. ...

  • If you haven't signed up already, sign-up for this webinar on how power and utility industries can leverage hyper-automation to delivery more business value. Also covered is a case study from Eversource Energy covering their intelligent automation journey. ...

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  • Welcome to the Energy & Utilities Community!

    This is a Community for Discussion of Blue Prism in the Energy & Utilities industry.

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Hi Team, Blue Prism has a very good option for comparing blue prism versioning for saved/updated/ ...

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