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  • We are using BP version 6.3 I want to know how is the best way to upload file to Google Drive without using browser or other app to syncrohnize the folders. Thanks

  • In IE each TAB is a different process, so you will have a multi-threading. In order to attach to the right process, you can attach by PID, and/or Session ID, if previously saved. ------------------------------ Cohen RPA Developer Romania --------- ...

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  • Hi Tais. This is probably happening because you are using as reference your LocalTime to execute your processes and not refering your processes to UTC time. Blue Prism by default uses UTC time. ------------------------------ Guilherme Carvalho --- ...

  • Hi Zderek, Yes, I've tried using attach/detach but no help. It spies any element only when I relaunch chrome not otherwise ------------------------------ Rishabh Malhotra Automation Engineer Fournxt Technologies LLP Asia/Kolkata ------------------- ...

  • Hi, Naveen, are you using any code stage in your business object as the error says the enumerator error in code stage? This is to identify whether the message comes from your business object or from within inside Blue Prism. Regards, ------------------------------ ...






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