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  • Hi, I am using IBM Watson Visual recognition skill. I am not able to understand how to pass the value for the gateway.​ my gateway is Dallas. But when I am passing Dallas as text I am getting an error of Bad gateway. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi, I am trying to extract the text from the image using google vision API. The same code with the required references is working in visual studio but not in blueprism. "Internal: Could not execute code stage because an exception is thrown by code stage: ...

  • Hi Neeraj, Thank you for reaching out! That particular asset is Developer supported. So if you go here https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/entry/3470/solution/abbyy-flexicapture-connector and click the link under "Support", you will be put in ...

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  • Hi Parag, I'm attaching the skill guide for you, found on the asset page. On the bottom of page 4, you will find how to get your correct region through your Azure service and continues into the credential section. This should answer your questions through ...

  • Manoj, I did some further digging. There is the ability within the Computer Vision API to pass in “languageHints” which Google would use as the basis of its search. However, Google actually recommends not passing in language hints because without them, ...






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