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  • Did you use the default instance type as specified ? As far as I recall when I tried - the Azure trial came fully configured and the license was pre-installed as well (albeit that it was version 6.5 and not the latest 6.6). Try again: delete your VM ...

  • I Have setup Azure Cloud version but License is missing.How i can get license for Cloud version. ------------------------------ Sunil Kumar RPA Engineer Encore Capital Group ------------------------------

  • DELETED - I incorrectly responded regarding on-premises Trial oppose to Azure Cloud Trial. ------------------------------ Chris Strong Product Owner Blue Prism ------------------------------

  • Hi - will integration with Azure Cognitive Services be made available as a free trail in Azure marketplace ? Many thanks ! ------------------------------ Gregg Chen ------------------------------

  • SELF Resolved - see blue for remarks Have anyone tried the hands on lab exercise for the subjected ? The screen illustration output for item 23 is not consistent with that for item 27. See below screens item 23: [This refers to the object for Lab ...





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