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  • ​Hi All, I am working on a POC in which we need to fetch some values from a scanned document (Ex: Invoice). We are looking for azure cognitive services to implement this. Can anybody help me how can I use this service in free trial? Thanks, Bhuvnesh ...

  • ​​ I successfully created Lab 1 and got it to execute when I first ran it. But when I try to run it a second and subsequent time it trips up at er Search with the message Internal: Failed to perform step 1 in Write Stage 'Enter Search' on page 'Search' ...

  • Hello Srihari and Vivek, Blue Prism v6.7, due to be released within the next month as I type will support: UI in French – Option to change User Interface (UI) language to French Tip: We publish the roadmap on the Blue Prism portal ...

  • Can you please clarify what exactly are you looking at? if you are looking at Azure architecture reference then here it is: ------------------------------ ...

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    Simple Patching

    Can you please provide any documents for New mechanism allowing patches to be created and rolled out to minimize downtime. ------------------------------ srihari j Application Development Analyst Accenture Asia/Kolkata ----------------------------- ...





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