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  • I am not from register partner company how can i download this template? ------------------------------ rahan mohammed software engineer Algonox technologies ltd Indian/Chagos ------------------------------

  • Hello, I wanted to do the integrate ABBYY reader to fetch the text from the images. For that I have downloaded the flexicapture 12 connector and imported the VBO. After abbyy configuration I am getting the exception while using the create batch action. ...

  • The action that i have is OAuth 2.0 Request which makes the call to get the token and then make a call to get the result. i found that the problem is with using client credential type we need to pass scope which is not possible using this action in VBO. ...

  • Hi, I am trying to extract the text from the image using google vision API. The same code with the required references is working in visual studio but not in blueprism. "Internal: Could not execute code stage because an exception is thrown by code stage: ...

  • Hi Alexandre, What we typically use to help troubleshoot calls to web services is a combination of Fiddler and Postman. Both are freely available and will capture your web traffic including HTTP headers. Fiddler https://www.telerik.com/fiddler Postman ...



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