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  • Hi Sachin, I'm not sure I understand your statement about not being great to execute Python scripts in Blue Prism. This is simply an example of one option. There's no requirement to use Iron Python. You could just as easily execute Python scripts using ...

  • There is a Skill on the Digital Exchange for integration with Slack: https://digitalexchange.blueprism.com/dx/entry/3439/solution/slack-messaging ------------------------------ Chris Hogan Senior Ecosystem Architect Blue Prism ------------------- ...

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  • Hi, You can open the object and go to Help -> API Documentation and then pick your object from the combobox. Also you can try to examine code stages inside the object and just google it either for better understanding or further customizing. Hope it helps. ...

  • Hi, you can try to use the code like this (it perfectly works for Ctrl key): if (Keyboard.IsKeyDown(Key.LeftCtrl) || Keyboard.IsKeyDown(Key.RightCtrl)) { // some code } else { // some code } ------------------------------ Anton Sauchyk Senior RPA ...

  • Thanks Kiran, It worked. Regards Gaurav ------------------------------ Gaurav Dhiman ------------------------------





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