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  • Trying to classify the images (eg; cats, dogs) and wondering whether we can integrate TensorFlow in Blue Prism for image classification. If not Tensorflow any other image classification ML APIs which can be utilized via Blue prism ( https://www.tensorflow.org/tutorials/images/classification ...

  • Perfect! Thanks ------------------------------ Rejoy Mathew Senior Consultant Deloitte Australia/Melbourne ------------------------------

  • Hi Community: I am currently developing a process where the mailboxes of Microsft Exchange Server are automated. To open the application I had to use the "StartProcess" action because it has an .msc extension and the "Application Modeller" does not allow ...

  • Hi Gaurav, The documents can be obtained from following link. However access to the templates is only given to our customers who have a signed EULA or Production license. https://portal.blueprism.com/products/developer-jumpstart ------------------------------ ...

  • Thanks Jigendra,It was great help. ------------------------------ Gaurav Dhiman ------------------------------



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