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    BP DB Archiving

    Does anyone has experience to create DB archive script to transfer entire data from BP database to another database? ------------------------------ SeeAnn Loh Senior Programmer Jabil Asia/Kuala_Lumpur ------------------------------

  • Hi Roger unfortunately there are very few 'context' functions available to a process or object, and none to enable your idea. I've previously raised this issue via an internal enhancement request and you can do the same here . When enough people 'up ...

  • Check the process is published and can be run manually from Control Room. ------------------------------ John Carter Professional Services Blue Prism ------------------------------

  • Hi Gaurav, I would recommend this: Machine 1 = App Server Machine 2 = DB Machine 3 = RR Laptop i7 = IC However, if I were you, I would still use virtualization if you haven't planned it and install the trial version of VMware OR even Hyper-V and just ...

  • Hi Guys, Trust all are safe and keeping well, I am just trying to get rid of the error in Utility File management, I am trying to move the file from one folder to another,everytime I try to do this is giving me an error " Unknown Exception : Error occurred ...





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