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  • Hi Krishna, There is not enough details shared on the specific Web API. The error message is returned by the third party application and I suspect you have not configured it work properly in Blue Prism. If you are working on a Blue Prism project or ...

  • Hello, anyone is using slack to run process ? Hola, ¿alguien está usando slack para ejecutar procesos? ------------------------------ Agustin Rodolfo Catalano Computing Engineering Santander Argentina America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires ---------------- ...

  • Thanks in advance. What is the purpose of the BPDiagnostics tool that is host inside the blueprism installation folder? Is there any advantage to use this tool instead of creating an application modeller directly insinde object studio? Does anybody ...

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    RE: Login issue

    Hi Jeff. What exactly are you seeing? Have you set up the database? jack ------------------------------ Jack Look Sr Product Consultant Blue Prism ------------------------------

  • I'm working on web based chrome application which is AI powered Website. So, I am facing a spy (UI Automation Mode) problem as follows. 1. Element Spy is NOT working in Windows 10 Pro Edition . Chrome Version: Version 80.0.3987.149 (Official ...





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