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  • Hi Gopal, I got the Cached Exchange Mode now disabled on one of my machines but it still doesn't work... Any other ideas? ------------------------------ Cheers Astrid ------------------------------

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    RE: Outlook Email VBO

    1. If by "manually set the flag for HTML", you mean supplying an argument for the advanced or expert variant of "Get Received Items", then yes - that is how it comes OOB. It's faily easy to make some modifications to support it otherwise. I'm attaching ...

  • Thanks Eric, I'll give that a try. #PlanningandSequencingSkill #CollectionManipulation #BluePrism

  • Please disregard, I found the answer; it's a combination of Outlook Trust Center and Windows Security Center settings: https://support.office.com/en-us/article/I-get-warnings-about-a-program…






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