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  • Hi, After Killing outlook are you checking if the process still exists in the taskbar or not? There is VBO action to check if a process exists or not which will give you a flag value to decide. I have faced this situation and what happens is sometimes ...

  • Hi Ambrogio, In relation to the 'download' button - what are you expecting the end user to download? Is it for example a static file that you want all users to access? Thanks, ------------------------------ Danny Major ---------------------------- ...

  • Hi @Reid Larson , Sounds like you need to set the app permissions within your Azure Active Directory. ​To do that: 1) In your Azure Admin Console, go to Azure Active Directory and select App registrations 2) Click the link for your specific ...

  • If you want a tabular format you can export work queue data as an excel report by right click menu. ------------------------------ Thanks & Regards, Tejaskumar Darji Sr. RPA Consultant-Automation Developer ------------------------------

  • Something that I neglected to add on my earlier post, one side effect of that change is that it will report the screen is locked when it is in fact not logged in. With the original login agent, it would report Is Locked as false when Is Logged In is false, ...

  • Что происходит, когда объект зависает? Процесс переходит в статус Warning если объект не отвечает дольше положенного времени. Объекты не отвечают либо из-за зависания целевого приложения, или просто из-за медлительности системы или длительной обработки ...


  • Welcome to the Bangalore User Group! 🙌

    A warm welcome to the Bangalore Blue Prism User Group!

    Please join this group if you'd like to meet-up with other Blue Prism developers, customers and end-users in and around Bangalore. 

    The Blue Prism User Group program empowers our customers to organize and host local groups and gatherings while having the opportunity to be part of the conversation.​

    If you would like to provide any feedback on the User Group program, or have a question, why not post in the Event Chat Community.

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We can integrate python scripts with Blue Prism to perform cognitive tasks which is almost impossible ...

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