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Discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certification.

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  • Superb... lets do it :) ------------------------------ Nilesh Jadhav Senior RPA Specialist ------------------------------

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  • One year ago, in September 2019, Blue Prism University was born. I remember the moment we pushed the ON button and published the promotional videos for Blue Prism University , Academia Program , Blue Prism Training Partner program . I also recall ...

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  • Hi Reuben. Clearly something is not right with the CDS application as it exists on your PC. If you are having problems interacting with it manually, automating it is not going to work either. Take a look at the setup guide to ensure you have everything ...

  • Thank you for your message. Please contact us at or create a ticket in the Portal. ------------------------------ Luis Lopez Customer Support Engineer English and Spanish Blue Prism Ltd ------------------------------




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