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    RE: SQL Syntax Issue

    At the first look, the SQL Syntax doesn't seem to be right. "/" ? Can you post the exact error ? ------------------------------ Vivek Goel "If you like this post, please press the "Recommend" Button. ------------------------------

  • Hi Lee, That's one of the ways amongst others. but not the only, what happens when you launch an application? Simple ways are present here -;lp=44 Section ...

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    RE: Application Modeller

    Hi Sagar, Did you ever manage to sort this? I am having the same issue and not sure whether it's a limitation of the company laptop i'm using? I launch Application Modeller, select the Element on the left, click "Launch" at the bottom right - which ...

  • Hi Frode, I recommend downloading and reading the 'Web APIs User Guide' document available from the Documents section of our Blue Prism Portal. Once there search a key work like API and you should find this and other ...

  • Hi @Sheetal Vijaykumar Can you please tell me how did you manage to capture BP data from front end ? Using region mode ? A reply would be greatly appreciated. :) ​​ ------------------------------ Jinil Sebastian RPA Engineer Ernst and Young Asia/Kolkata ...






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