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  • In the Control Room, is there a way to find out when a particular process was retired and when it was last run? Thanks! ------------------------------ John L ------------------------------

  • Hi all i have the same issue it seems according to the set of perms in the role that it need it to set after that. ------------------------------ Orlando Javier Sanchez Technical Infraestructure 4 Ctrl365 America/Argentina/Buenos_Aires ------------- ...

  • Hello The issue is mainly caused when Blue Prism tries to ask the operating system for the current foreground window token. The Windows operating system keeps a track of which window currently has the token which designates it as the current foregrounded ...

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  • Hi Everyone, I am having an issue while initiating runtime resources through the command line. Before its working fine, but now it shows the error like (Authentication failed -: No user found with ID:<unspecified>; Name: Anonymous Resource). the same ...

  • Thanks Jerin, I found it. Funny thing, there's almost no changes in any of the functionality from version to version. Only difference between our old and the new one is an extra try-catch for logon timeouts, which we incidentally have massive problems ...






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