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    RE: Queue Items

    ​Hello Jeferson, 1. WELCOME Welcome to the community. To help you get started there are many resources BluePrism provided in the document section of this website. There is also an excellent introduction to Blue Prism on YouTube you can watch and ...

  • Dear community ! How are you doing? I'm facing a issue, someone can help me? When I drag and drop my process from my Dev envirounment to my Prod. envirounment to execute the bot automatically, I select the session and start. The session status change ...

  • Did you solve this problem? I have the same error, we trimmed the table "BPASessionLog_NonUnicode" down to 10 GB and we did an archive but still is throwing an error when I use the stage "GET NEXT ITEM". Thanks. ------------------------------ Oscar ...

  • You could make use of the 'Stopping Time' session variable to set a finalization time for the first process. The downside of this is that there might be unworked cases left. You could also go to System - Scheduler and configure the maximum amount of ...

  • Hi John, Please check if the resources are showing connected in application server.​ if you are using 6.3.0 version there is a known bug RR reporting wrongly as offline to control room which is rectified in 6.4 if the RR are reporting "yes-connected" ...






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