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A Community to discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certification. Please use the Product communities for specific technical queries.

Welcome to the Blue Prism University Community

This is a space for our users to discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certifications. Click the "Join" button above to be alerted to new activity and events happening in this community!

This is not the appropriate place for product questions. Do you have questions about the Blue Prism RPA Product, Decipher, Digital Exchange, or another Blue Prism offering? Check out our list of Tech Chat Communities to find the right place for your discussion.

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  • Mostly using feature, thanks for sharing. ------------------------------ Srihari RPA Developer ------------------------------

  • Thanks for sharing, it's a great initiative. I also want to include documentation for Global send key codes. Global sendKey codes ------------------------------ ----------------------- If I answered your query. Please mark it as the "Best Answer" ...

  • Welcome to the Blue Prism Documentation Spotlight, where we feasture the comprehensive documentation resources available for our Blue Prism products. Every month, we'll explore different sections of our documentation, highlighting key areas that can help ...

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  • b) To lock specific resources for exclusive use So that only One BOT can access the Item to avoid duplication. ------------------------------ Srihari RPA Developer ------------------------------

  • Thanks, Brenda, for sharing. @Neeraj Kumar for me the Learning Plan Progress shows same as 130 Min (2h 10 m) including the 8 Courses. ------------------------------ Srihari RPA Developer ------------------------------

  • HI Wagar, The course estimates are just that, an estimate as to how long the course may take you to complete. The actual time it takes for an individual to complete the course can vary significantly based on various factors such as prior knowledge, ...

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