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Blue Prism University  

A Community to discuss and learn more about Blue Prism University and certification.

Getting Started  

Get talking! If you're new to Blue Prism, use this community to help you get started.

Robotic Operating Model (ROM)  

Share tips, queries and advice on adopting the Robotic Operating Model (ROM®). A proven implementation methodology that enables customers to successfully launch, maintain, and scale your Digital Workforce.


Community for Blue Prism Decipher IDP: Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism RPA.

Digital Exchange Community  

This community is a place to discuss the Blue Prism DX and all of the assets hosted there.


Discuss and learn more about Blue Prism Trials, including the on-prem trial, the Azure Cloud trial, and the Learning Edition.

Blue Prism Brasil  

Benvindo ao canal da comunicade do Blue Prism Brasil

Comunidad Blue Prism en español  

Esta comunidad es un espacio para hablar en español acerca de Blue Prism.

Deutschsprachige Community  

Diese Community ist für Gespräche rund um Blue Prism auf Deutsch gedacht.

Japan Community  

◮ Blue Prism 日本コミュニティ

Russian Community of Practice  

Сообщество Blue Prism Россия занимается решением технических и бизнес вопросов, связанных с внедрением роботизации и автоматизацией процессов.

技术讨论区 / 技術討論區 / Chinese Technical Discussion  

技术支持 / 技術支持 / Chinese Technical Discussion

综合讨论区 / 綜合討論區 / Chinese General Discussion  

综合讨论区 / 綜合討論區 / Chinese General Discussion

Industry Based Communities


For Discussion of Blue Prism in the Energy industry

Financial Services  

A User Group for Blue Prism customers or partners working in the Financial Services industry

Local Area Communities

ASEAN and Korea  

Join the conversation in your part of the world

India GCC  

A community of leaders and practitioners from Global Capability/Innovation Centers

South Africa  

A community for South African Blue Prism customers and developers to arrange meet-ups and share knowledge.

Blue Prism For Good  

Charity & Fundraising, Inclusivity, Supporting not-for-profits and Education

Community Chat  

Chat, tips, and news from the Blue Prism Community


Join the conversation and view presentations from recent Blue Prism events.