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Community for Blue Prism Decipher IDP: Intelligent Document Processing for Blue Prism RPA.

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This community is a place to discuss the Blue Prism DX and all of the assets hosted there.

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Discuss and learn more about Blue Prism Trials, including the on-prem trial, the Azure Cloud trial, and the Learning Edition.

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  • As someone rightly said, “You are just one decision away from a totally different life” , for me that decision was attending a workshop on Blue Prism , something that was out of my line of work at that time. A simple journey that made my journey as a Btech Electronics and Communications Engineer from a small college in Jaipur to a Senior Developer at Fidelity International (P.S Financial status change included :P). The Lost Beginning – From where it all started Transformation Journey While graduating? from JECRC University three years ago, I was quite proud of what I had achieved there. A topper of my ...

  • Covid-19 has tremendously shaken the work patterns in the corporate sector especially. “Remote working” “working from home” has accelerated a trend already happening at some offices: “the digitalisation of the workforce”. What does this mean and how to be best prepared to approach the future of work? Covid-19 and its challenges : finding the work-life balance when working from home The Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) has surprised and shaken the world as we know it. The last time we faced a pandemic was the Spanish Influenza in 1918. COVID-19 has forced organisations to make drastic changes to make sure they survive. Organisations ...

  • Hi Everyone, It's been a couple of months since my last blog so a lot has happened to catch you up on! Lockdown and remote working is still a factor for everyone here in the UK and we are all doing our best to support each other as I mentioned in my last blog. One thing that is new and we have included is a new way of working that shares the responsibility of projects. For each project we will now have a lead 'owner' of the project that is responsible for moving the project forward and giving updates during the meetings. Now they can bring in other people to help work on the discovery and build of a process especially where ...

  • And so, begins my third year here at Blue Prism... When I joined back in 2018: we had just over 200 employees; were headquartered out of a small shared office in the tiny village of Newton Le Willows; and most prominently had no center of excellence. Fast forward 2 years, the company and the automation market has grown immeasurably. For Blue Prism in that time: we’ve grown to a staff of almost 1,500 people; operate in at least 5 new geographies; acquired Thoughtonomy and subsequently pivoted to a multi-product, cloud based company; gained almost 1,000 new customers; and operate in a global RPA market that has increased in value by 61% -from ...