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  • Hi Rajolli Do you mean Windows log out by "sign out from the login agent"? In my understanding, one possible scenario would be like this: 1. If the Login Agent is installed properly, the "Login Agent Service" will be running when the system is on --> ...

  • Please ignore, my colleague told me where I missed to put variable. We're using XPath for this dynamic URL. ------------------------------ Orlando Velarde ------------------------------

  • I am also able to view the badges in My Profile section but not under My Badges section. It seems to be a display issue only. Thanks @Manpreet Kaur for highlighting it.​ ------------------------------ Ritansh Jatwani Manager Deloitte Gurgaon *If ...

  • Great content @Eric Wilson . Thanks for sharing it !!​​ ------------------------------ Ritansh Jatwani Manager Deloitte Gurgaon *If you find this post helpful mark it as best answer ------------------------------

  • Thanks Ritansh for the solution. But there will be various files already in the Downloads folder which are useful for the other processes. ------------------------------ Rishabh Chauhan ------------------------------

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    RE: Text to Number

    Thanks @Ritansh Jatwani for the response. I tried for the code stage but I was not able to succeed in that. Can you please share the code, if you have it?​ ------------------------------ Rishabh Chauhan ------------------------------


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