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  • Earlier this month we ran our Chorus Ask Us Anything online seminar, in which Chorus experts @Eric Bradnam @Jeffrey Grisenthwaite @Kavitha Chennupati @Janelle Sullivan and Hidayatullah Mohammed ...

  • How I contributed to the fight against COVID with RPA: October 2020, amidst the fluctuation between lockdown and curfew, we knew the best way to fight the pandemic was to stay at home. ...

  • The product research program is a community initiative that opens the door to product research and innovation. It’s a program that allows us to listen closely to what our customers need when they’re creating ...

  • Blog Entry

    The fastest way to successfully implement Interact. The "Interact Accelerator" has recently become one of our most popular service offerings with customers and partners. For those who don't know about ...

  • A platform for collaboration between employees and their digital assistants Blue Prism Interact can be leveraged for a range of use cases, not just in the front office, but pretty much any process that ...

  • Every Web browser renders a web page differently, but none is more different than Microsoft’s Internet Explorer.  On May 19, 2021, Microsoft announced the end-of-life of its Internet Explorer (IE) ...

  • Acelerador Interact

    Blog Entry

    La manera más rápida de implementar Interact con éxito. El "Acelerador Interact" se ha convertido recientemente en una de nuestras ofertas de servicio más populares entre nuestros clientes y asociados. ...

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