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Add possibility to run runtime resource as a Windows service

Last activity 10-06-2022 14:59
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By: Vladimir Perić
03-24-2020 10:13

In case a runtime resource is performing only background processes (eg. HTTP requests), it would be beneficial to have it run as a windows service. This would increase flexibility in deployment scenarios and allow BP to move further towards being used as an integration platform.

In one specific usecase, we need this as the runtime resource is running on a server (which has the required ports open), but we cannot apply the GPO to prevent user logout, due to different policies applying to servers as opposed to virtual desktops.


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10-06-2022 14:59
Hi Vladimir, 

The team have reviewed your idea and we have enough information to route your suggestion through to be scored by our internal team. As such I've marked the idea as Reviewed. Please check back for updates while your idea progresses through the ideation journey. 

Many thanks,

01-28-2021 11:42

Ok, this is reaaaaly old idea, but still - I might have a solution. Well - workaround :)

Check Non-sucking Service Manager. Despite funny name, it's pretty standard tool to create win service from any executable (or even script).

I've managed to launch couple Runtime resources (with different ports) on one server and it's more stable then one would expect (nightly service restart helps)

Martynas Balaišis

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