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This community covers the Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model (ROM®)

Establishing an automation identification approach helps organizations to create a consistent and strong pipeline of process opportunities. Consider what impacts finding potential opportunities and the tools and methods you can use. Workshops, task/process mining, education, process re-engineering, journey mapping and reinvention are all areas to help you identify opportunities for your pipeline.

Governance and Pipeline is the third foundation of the ROM. This foundation covers two core areas:

The process discovery approach to help you create a consistent and robust pipeline of process opportunities. You should also learn how to prioritise processes for automation and ensure you gain the maximum business benefit.

The governance and controls that should be considered to ensure a secure and compliant digital workforce.

Process Management Policy

It is recommended that organizations define and deploy a policy for process management to ensure they maintain a consistent pipeline of appropriate processes for automation. The Process Management Policy comprises the policies and procedures required to create a continuous pipeline of work into the Automation Program in a structured and controlled way. The key areas to consider when defining the Process Management policy are:

The Governance Board ensures automations deliver against the strategy. The Board should be comprised of the Head of RPA and representatives from IT and the Business. The Board will prioritise the processes being selected for automation ensuring the associated business benefit is recorded.

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Process Discovery is the inlet to the automation life-cycle and a robust governance strategy is essential for achieving maximum returns.

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It is vital to have strong Process Inventory Management so that all the key stakeholders can view and maintain all opportunities identified for automation.

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Getting Started

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