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  • 1.  Application modeller element name is yellow

    Posted 05-03-2023 10:15

    I have used the conversion tool from IE - Chrome and when i open the application modeller the main element name is in yellow. Anyone know why?

    The app modeller can attach to the program but nothing get highlighted.


  • 2.  RE: Application modeller element name is yellow

    Posted 05-03-2023 11:19

    Hi Linda - TBH I am seeing this for the first time myself, I am not sure if I  missed something in it- something to do with environmental theme or the object is just locked for editing not sure - I would call out some of my community peers to check if they stumbled upon something like this - @Neeraj Kumar @Tejaskumar Darji @Harish Mogulluri @Lakshmi Narayana 

    Kindly up vote this as "Best Answer" if it adds value or resolves your query in anyway possible, happy to help.


    Mukesh Kumar - Senior Automation Developer

    NHS, England, United Kingdom, GB

  • 3.  RE: Application modeller element name is yellow

    Posted 05-03-2023 11:25

    Hello guys,

    I have also not seen this color change but I can confirm that this is not due to the Blue Prism theme settings from the System manager.
    As you mentioned you are using IE to Chrome conversion may be during that it changed some of the element properties and the color changed to yellow!
    That is the only possibility I can think of.

    What happens if you create a new app modeler? Does it still show yellow color to the topmost element or regular black?

    Also, IE to Chrome does not yield highly accurate conversion results as per my experience so you may have to re-spy the elements in chrome and test

    If I was of assistance, please vote for it to be the "Best Answer".

    Thanks & Regards,
    Tejaskumar Darji
    Sr. Consultant-Technical Lead

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