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  • 1.  Browser Mode

    Posted 05-17-2023 12:19

    Good Day Team, trust you are all well.
    I have a question on a scenario.
    I have 2 processes running on the same VM, both launching the Edge Browser.
    In one case the browser launches with no issues at all.
    The other case I get the browser extension is not available error, but the site does seem to launch anyway after a delayed period.
    The only difference is the website that is being launched.
    Can the Website itself affect this at all, in any way? say if the site is a very busy site.

    Kind regards

    Gavin Rudling
    Digital Consultant & Developer

  • 2.  RE: Browser Mode

    Posted 05-22-2023 16:46

    Recommend to post this in the Blue Prism RPA Product  community. I believe the issue may be due to website's compatibility with chromium-based browsers [like Edge,Chrome]. You can try to check if it is launching fine with Internet Explorer to confirm this.

    Vinodh Kannan Krishnan Vice President
    State Street Corporation

  • 3.  RE: Browser Mode

    Posted 05-22-2023 17:11

    Hi Vinodh

    Thanks for your reply, much appreciated.

    I will try using Internet Explorer, but as I say the site does launch using the Edge browser but as it launches we get the error message about the Browser extension being missing.

    Will also see if I can set up compatibility mode.


    Thank you kindly



    Gavin Rudling
    Advanced Hyper-Automation Engineer
    081 390 6789

  • 4.  RE: Browser Mode

    Posted 05-22-2023 23:38

    Hi Gavin Rudling,

    If I understand the question  -  extension is already present but it still says the extension was missing?

    If that is the case We observed this behavior intermittently( Like once in a while usually like once in3 months or so) . When we get this error we just remove the  extension and  add it back before running the bots.

    Also  Check below article.

      it  would be better  to add additional recovery logic  if this type of exception happen then just close the browser and wait for few seconds and launch the application again .

    If I answered your query. Please mark it as the "Best Answer"

    Harish M
    Lead developer
    America/New_York TX

  • 5.  RE: Browser Mode
    Best Answer

    Posted 05-23-2023 07:34

    Hi Harish


    Yes, exactly. Intermittent as you say and we do also have retry logic in place, hence just a question.

    I was just trying to determine if it was possible that peak times during the day for the website could have an effect.


    Thank you so much for your response. Much appreciated.


    Kind regards



    Gavin Rudling
    Advanced Hyper-Automation Engineer
    081 390 6789

  • 6.  RE: Browser Mode

    Posted 05-24-2023 07:01