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  • 1.  Useful utility automations to get started with

    Posted 06-05-2023 09:16

    Hi All,

    I am new to blue prism(not very new) but I would like to contribute in my organisation by creating some useful utility in blue prism. I agree that I should try to look problem that my organisation is facing and based on that I should come up with the idea.

    But I would need your help to get some ideas for some useful utilities or Bp bot that I can create which can be helpful for my organisation.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated.

    Looking forward to your unique ideas. :) 

    Sourabh Sharma

  • 2.  RE: Useful utility automations to get started with

    Posted 06-05-2023 10:07

    Hi @Sourabh Sharma ! Welcome to the community 👋🏽, it's great to have you with us!

    I'm certain we can help you out here, and some additional information might be useful:

    • What industry/sector are you in?
    • What was the primary reason your organisation purchased an automation tool?
    • Is there anything in your own job or team that you think could be handled by a bot?

    Meanwhile, I'd recommend taking a look through some of our beginner-centric discussions. The Getting Started community is a great place to browse! I'm also a beginner when it comes to intelligent automation and have been asking our community for advice too:

    Hope this helps for now, and send us some more information - I'm sure our community members would love to share some inspiration with you.

    Good luck!


    💙 Michael
    (I'm part of the SS&C Blue Prism Community Team)

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