Blue Prism Community MVPs

Blue Prism Community Most Valuable Professionals (MVP) 

The Blue Prism Community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program launched in 2020 and is aimed at rewarding our top contributors on the Blue Prism Community site. Members of the MVP program are chosen yearly based on their participation on the Blue Prism Community, and get access to an array of perks, including a private community, VIP treatment at Blue Prism Events, and entry into exclusive webcasts and feedback sessions.

Want to become a Community MVP? Get out there and help your fellow community members! Only the most active, engaged, and helpful users are selected to be a part of this program, so earn points and badges and network with other users, and you might be on the list for next year's group of Most Valuable Professionals.

Has a Blue Prism Community member gone above and beyond to help you out? Nominate them for future inclusion in the MVP program here.

The 2022 MVPs have officially been announced! We have a great list of new and returning faces in the program, and we're so excited to see the great things that are in store in the coming year! Please join me in congratulating our 2022 MVPs! The full list of our current MVPs can be found below.