Blue Prism World 2022

Thanks to everyone who attended Blue Prism World Virtual 2022! We appreciate your time and support. In case you couldn’t make it or missed something, here’s a recap of resources available now: 

  • Some of our sessions are available now on-demand
  • Let us know what you thought of the event.  
  • Find out why the future of work relies on people, as much as technology, and how to make intentional change through leadership – Padmasree Warrior – Future of Work: Trends 2022
  • Discover what the best of the best companies are doing with intelligent automation today from the Enterprise Intelligent Automation Adoption Maturity / Pinnacle Model® Analysis 2022
  • Also look out for Blue Prism World on Tour in-person events coming soon via this link
  • Madrid – May 25 
  • London – June 24 
  • Singapore (in person + virtual) – July 6 
  • Japan (virtual) – September 6 
  • Frankfurt – September 22 
  • Americas – coming soon 
  • Middle East – coming soon 
Blue Prism digital workers have been modernizing organizations across the globe for 20 years by not only increasing productivity and efficiency but also bridging the gap between people, technologies, and systems. Today, our customers have an even greater urgency to completely transform how they conceive of and carry out work. And, by partnering with Blue Prism, they are not only transforming tasks and processes but also entire teams and business functions throughout the enterprise. We're helping our customers create a unified workforce where people work seamlessly alongside digital workers. We call this the power of 2 and we believe every organization should have the tools to realize this power today!

We look forward to welcoming you at our regional events and seeing you next year for our flagship event. Any further queries, please reach out to the Blue Prism World event team.  

Watch Blue Prism Virtual 2022 on demand here.