Customer Excellence Awards 2023

Award Categories

Organizational Award Categories

Transformational Excellence

This SS&C Blue Prism customer has driven the most impactful digital transformation using intelligent automation. Has your digital transformation been a total game-changer for your business? Would your CTO say SS&C Blue Prism is integral to your business operations? Are your own customers reaping benefits because of your automation program?

Best Newcomer

This new SS&C Blue Prism customer has driven rapid value in their first year of using intelligent automation. Did you automate a surprising number of processes in your first year? Did you have one highly impactful process that made a big difference?

Operational Ingenuity

This award celebrates customers who have built a solid framework and delivery methodology for intelligent automation success. Whether you’re operating within a federated environment, following the SS&C Blue Prism Robotic Operating Model, or building your own automation structure, how have you built the foundation on which their automation program thrives?

Innovation Brilliance

This award showcases customer trailblazers and out-of-the-box thinkers. Wow us with your creativity! Are you creating completely novel solutions or taking automation to new heights with innovative use-cases, integrations, and extended technologies?

Sustainability Driver

This award honors customers who are using their automation capabilities to make lasting and impactful change in support of environmental, social and/or government (ESG) initiatives. Have you used automation to meet or exceed your ESG goals? What benefits have your customers or communities experienced as a result?

Individual Award Categories

Developer of the Year

This award recognizes a developer who has built the most complex and innovative, or value driving automations. This award is open to self or peer-nomination.

Change Agent of the Year

This award is reserved for the great visionaries of our industry. Those who not only advocate for the use of automation but have played a key role in shaping the industry as a whole. This award is open to self or peer-nomination.

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Last Year's Winners

Organizational Award Categories

Business Value Driver

  1. Global Winner: Alberta Health Service
  2. Americas All-Star: Sysco
  3. APAC All-Star: Revenue NSW
  4. EMEA All-Star: Barclays

Innovation Excellence

  1. Global Winner: Stellantis
  2. Americas All-Star: ATB Financial
  3. APAC All-Star: Midland Credit Management
  4. EMEA All-Star: ABInBev

Total Transformation

  1. Global Winner: Barclays
  2. Americas All-Star: S&P Global
  3. APAC All-Star: Westpac
  4. EMEA All-Star: NHS Dorset

ROM Excellence

  1. Global Winner: S&P Global Ratings
  2. Americas All-Star: Discover Financial Services
  3. APAC All-Star: Shell
  4. EMEA All-Star: Barclays

Best Newcomer

  1. Global Winner: Central England Co-operative
  2. Americas All-Star: Alberta Health Services
  3. APAC All-Star: The Warehouse Group
  4. EMEA All-Star: Alder Hey Children's NHS Foundation

SS&C Blue Prism for Good

Suffolk County Council


Pinnacle Award CTO's Choice

  1. SS&C | Blue Prism® Cloud: Suffolk County Council
  2. Americas Enterprise: DuPont
  3. APAC Enterprise: ASB
  4. EMEA Enterprise: Nordea

Pinnacle Award CEO's Choice

  1. Americas: Banner Health
  2. APAC: Westpac
  3. EMEA: BT

SS&C Blue Prism Legends

  1. Lloyds Banking Group
  2. Prosegur
  3. Invesco

Individual Category Awards

Community MVP of the Year

Vipul Tiwari, Amazon

Intelligent Automation Developer of the Year

Henry Tran, Raytheon

Woman in Intelligent Automation of the Year

Gnieszka Belowska Gosławska, Nordea

Head of Intelligent Automation of the Year

Steve Blunt, The University of Sydney