Cutting your Cost to Serve with 21st Century Intelligent Automation

When:  Oct 20, 2021 from 16:00 to 17:00 (GMT)
Associated with  Blue Prism Product

Customer demands have grown significantly in recent times

They demand an immediate response in this digital age and traditional channels are no longer the solution. Organizations have realized that emails are a challenge for Service Desks as customers expect a personalized and frictionless experience.

Whilst many customers are happy to complete a digital form, there are many more who prefer to send out a quick email to get their query answered quickly and efficiently. Whether that is logging a ticket or asking for an update to their records.

Your business needs new ways of dealing with these requests so you can reduce the cost to serve, improve data accuracy with first time resolution, and deliver a better quality of service. Join this exclusive webinar to learn exactly how businesses have embraced Conversational Data Intelligence and RPA to provide a superior frictionless experience for their customers.

What you will learn

We will look at how leading organizations are using Intelligent Automation to manage the way they engage and interact with their customers, specifically when managing large amounts of unstructured data. There will also be an opportunity to learn first-hand how organizations are deploying the latest NLP and automation technologies to read, extract and even fulfil requests from emails with little or no manual intervention.

Key Discussion Points Covered Include:

  • Embracing NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology to quickly read and categorize all inbound emails
  • Rapidly extract attachments and decipher email content to identify intent
  • Auto respond to enquiries that do not need a ticket created
  • Create automated workflows to include service ticket creation and notification to other teams and ultimately the customer


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