Leader Summit Stockholm 2022

When:  Sep 29, 2022 from 09:00 to 17:00 (CET)
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Bring Your Organization's Digital Transformation to the Next Level

Connect with high profile C-suite executives who share their stories and best practices. Global leaders will be focusing on the matter of enterprise technology priorities, highlighting topics from harnessing and integrating new technologies to rising security threats.

Supercharge Your Transformation with Designed from Inception Automation

Everybody is “transforming” their business or their digital capability. Three key questions for you to consider :

  1. What does transformation really mean ?
  2. Are we truly driving transformation or are we simply replaying and rehashing change approaches that may have worked elsewhere ?
  3. Can you say that your organization is transforming by truly rethinking work and process ?

Some organizations are absolutely transforming by redesigning how they deliver their outcomes. From customer- and revenue-based financial services, manufacturing, citizen focused public services, healthcare, to student enablement organizations. The progress they are making is hugely impressive. Come along and hear about some examples and thoughts from Blue Prism, the creator of RPA. Blue Prism is now a leading player in process intelligence and intelligent automation.

Speaker: Tony McCandless, Blue Prism

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