Blue Prism & Ai XPRT - How AI and RPA Convergence takes Automation to the Next Level

When:  Jun 30, 2020 from 3:00 PM to 3:45 PM ((UTC+10:00) Melbourne)
Associated with  Blue Prism Events

How AI and RPA Convergance takes Automation to the Next Level

A Movement Alone, A Force Together – How AI and RPA Convergence takes Automation to the Next Level


Artificial Intelligence-infused process automation benefits organizations at all levels, and is notably significant in the areas of risk and compliance. As the leader in RegTech, Ai XPRT’s focus is on delivering cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology that automates risk and compliance processes for enterprises in heavily regulated industries. The paradigm of compliance shifts over time, and very often time requires extensive staff training and process re-engineering. However, the approach to risk and compliance has hardly evolved in decades, with increasing dependency on human labour and escalating risk exposure due to continued adoption of the sampling method.

The Blue Prism and Ai XPRT collaboration enables enterprises to take automation to the next level by providing easy access to cutting-edge artificial intelligence all while building a digital worker’s workflow within Blue Prism. You can now sit back and relax while realizing significant time and cost benefits that are sustainable in the future.

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