Local User Groups

Local User Groups

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Are you a user of SS&C Blue Prism software? Would you like to connect and get together with other SS&C Blue Prism users beyond our hosted events?​ 

The SS&C Blue Prism User Group program empowers our customers and partners to organize and host local groups and gatherings while having the opportunity to be part of the conversation.​

We are now starting the search for Local User Group Leads. Why not start a local User Group in your area today?

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How does a Local User Group differ from a Community?

  • You can join a Community and/or a Local User Group on the SS&C Blue Prism Community site.
  • Communities are usually focused around a product, industry or special topic (e.g. Decipher Community).
  • Our online Communities include discussion boards and are managed by Blue Prism employees
  • Local User Groups are for users of SS&C Blue Prism software and are focused on location (e.g. London User Group, Prague User Group) to enable local events and are led by SS&C Blue Prism customers or partners

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