Local User Groups

Local User Groups

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Are you a user of Blue Prism software? Would you like to connect and get together with other Blue Prism users beyond our hosted events?​

The Blue Prism User Group program empowers our customers and partners to organize and host local groups and gatherings while having the opportunity to be part of the conversation.​

We are now starting the search for Local User Group Leads. Why not start a local User Group in your area today?

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There are no upcoming events, why not suggest a User Group event in the Event Chat Community?

How does a Local User Group differ from a Community?

  • You can join a Community and/or a Local User Group on the Blue Prism Community site.
  • Communities are usually focused around a product, industry or special topic (e.g. Decipher Community).
  • Our online Communities include discussion boards and are managed by Blue Prism employees
  • Local User Groups are for users of Blue Prism software and are focused on location (e.g. London User Group) to enable local events and are led by Blue Prism customers or partners

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