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Remove Chrome plugin limitation in blocking TCP port

Last activity 12-10-2020 12:13
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12-06-2019 07:31

The Chrome plugin has a known limitation in that it opens a TCP connection on port 31924 locally and doesn't dispose of the connection once the process finishes execution:
While I do appreciate the reasoning given in the Support Center article that this issue should only appear within the testing phase, it nevertheless has a big impact on project delivery, causing unnecessary slowdowns during the testing phase. [Additionally, it means terminal servers cannot be used at all, since one user/robot can block Chrome for everyone, even unintentionally]

I would like for the TCP port to be closed once process execution is completed (within the Cleanup phase). Alternatively, being able to configure the port used could be an acceptable workaround.


Official Response
06-10-2020 10:27
Hi Vladimir,

Great news! This idea was included in v6.8, which was released earlier this month. As such, I have now marked your idea as Delivered


12-10-2020 12:13

Hi @Sejfo Vukovic, glad you like this idea!

You are unable to vote as the idea is now closed as it was marked as Delivered! It was included in v6.8 :)

Best regards,


12-10-2020 09:31

I like your idea Vladimir. 
Blue Prism: I tried to add a vote but nothing happens after clicking like.

10-02-2020 13:38

Hi Walter,

From Blue Prism 6.8 onwards users have the ability to use a new range of ports for browser communications vs. a single port, as was the case in previous versions.

When running a process on a machine in previous versions, the Blue Prism browser extension would always communicate with Blue Prism using port 31924. If a user was to run a process in Studio and then run another process that used a browser on a runtime resource on the same machine (or vice versa) then this would result in the TCP port being blocked by the first process.

From Blue Prism 6.8 onwards, users can deselect the Use fixed browser extension port (31294) only setting in System - Settings to allow the browser extension to use a port from the ephemeral range to communicate with Blue Prism. This should result in each process that automates a browser using a different port from the ephemeral range for communications, removing the issue where the run of one process could block the port needed for the next process.

I would refer you to the Blue Prism 6.8 release notes for more information about the use of the Use fixed browser extension port (31924) only setting, as the design of processes and/or objects may need to be adjusted to use this effectively.


10-02-2020 04:32

What was exactly delivered in 6.8?
We seem to face the same issue with just upgraded 6.9 environment.
Having the possibility to use custom ports does not solve the problem, this is just a workaround.
Please also update the portal support page with details of latest changes and possibly add BP version.

09-14-2020 09:40

Hello Sagar and Frank,

This issue was resolved in Blue Prism 6.8 by providing the option to use ephemeral ports for Blue Prism to browser communications, which no longer relies on the fixed port that would previously be blocked when debugging a process that used a browser and then trying to run a process that used a browser on a local resource in control room.

Can I ask if you have upgrade to 6.8 and, if so, if you've been using ephemeral ports to communicate with the browser? If so, it may be worth raising a support ticket as the Customer Support team can then ask you some more targeted questions and provide guidance.


09-12-2020 23:39

We are facing similar issue. please keep us posted!

08-20-2020 09:45

We seem to still have this problem on the Chrome browser. Restart of the computer is our only solution for now.

05-07-2020 09:19

Hi Vladimir,

Thank you for your idea! We've routed your idea through our review process, and have decided to move your idea to the
Planned stage. 

Your idea is due to be delivered in Blue Prism 6.8, due for release at the end of the month.

Thank you for your engagement!


03-09-2020 14:58

Hi Vladimir,

Thanks so much for submitting your idea! We are moving it into the Under Consideration status while we route the idea through our internal review process. 

We will update you as your idea moves along the lifecycle.

Thank you!

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