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Enable force retry of queue item

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01-12-2021 13:00

In the work queue, you can right-click and force retry an exceptioned item... but there's not action from BP to do that inside the process when the exception occurs from a separate business object.  Currently if there's a failure outside of the BO, or outside of the process as a whole, the only way to force a retry is to either go in the queue manager and right-click or completely rebuild a clone of the work queue item

It boils down to this:


30 days ago

I don't see the value in this; if you programmatically retried a work queue item, wouldn't you risk an infinite loop?

Could you elaborate on your situation? It sounds like something that could be resolved without programmatic retries on work queue items.

01-13-2021 11:58

That works if it is caught within the BO.

If you call 'Mark Exception' and set 'Retry = True' in a subsequent process run, it throws an error about the exception not being created by "this" business object.  We are trying to handle if a process fails unexpectedly.

01-13-2021 06:29

The built-in work queue action "Mark Exception" with Parameter Retry = True automatically creates a new pending item for retry when there are attempts left as defined in the working queue configuration.

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