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07-25-2019 05:59

As an automation tool, the tool itself should provide the possibility to easily automate itself. An exposed API would be nice to access Blue Prism internal data, information, configuration and automate certain tasks and generate own reports if desired.

I want to avoid querying BP repository, which is very likely to change between versions and have to reverse engineer SQL. Having an API will provide a stable and efficient way to access all data.
Additional functions on top of this data would allows various types of automation.


Official Response
02-19-2020 15:38

Hi Walter,

Thanks so much for submitting your idea! We are moving it into the Under Consideration status while we route the idea through our internal review process. 

We will update you as your idea moves along the lifecycle.

Thank you!

05-04-2020 04:11

Hi! I'd also love to see an API, but the SQL structure is rather easy to figure out. For an example, see some SQL reports I've made. Best, Kristian

12-19-2019 04:25

Fantastic, many thanks Walter.

All - the benefit of linking out to a discussion thread in this way is that it will allow you to attach pictures, documents, etc that articulate your use cases in more detail, should you wish.

(We are working on improving the ideas portal to accept document uploads too.)


12-13-2019 11:50

I have created a community thread to collect all use-cases from Blue Prism users:
Blue Prism API - community feedback

12-09-2019 10:22

Hi Walter, this sounds like a really interesting suggestion and certainly resonates with me following conversations that I have had elsewhere.

Could you (and others who have voted overwhelmingly in support of this idea) please help to bring this to life with some user stories or examples?

Many thanks,

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