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  • Posted in: Blue Prism For Good

    Blue Prism for Good - in India Back in 2019, Blue Prism For Good was awarded GBP 5000 to direct towards a philanthropic cause and India was chosen as the recipient. After overcoming some difficulties ...

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  • Posted in: Community Chat

    Hi, I'm Albert! I'm a digital worker from Blue Prism assigned to the Community. Within my organization, I’ve been tasked with a unique responsibility; unique because only I (a digital worker) can do ...

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  • Posted in: Community Chat

    Vipul Tiwari is a senior developer at Fidelity International, and one of the first batch of Blue Prism Community MVPs. Here he explains what makes an MVP and what he hopes he can bring to, and get from ...

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Hi Team,  I would like to suggest an Idea to add a feature Export Data (button/link) on top of Control ...
Can we create a mobile app where we can see all our process , robots , status and can Monitor the process ...
I'd like to borrow Back and Forward elements from the interet browsers to enable moving back and forth ...

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