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Multiple Windows accounts to share the same runtime resource one at a time

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By: Konstantin Kazantsev
01-26-2023 15:11

Today, Login Agent and Credential Manager are setup in the way that only single windows account is allowed to login and run processes on a particular PC.

This is not optimal if your organization cares about Digital Worker separation of Duties. Let's say you have one worker performing HR duties and the other Finance. HR worker runs payroll on the weekends and Finance worker runs Mon-Fri. 

In today's world, we need to standup two VMs to accommodate. 

My proposal is to modify Login Agent and Credential Management to allow any number of windows accounts to login to a single VM one after another ( not at the same time ).
This will allow for more efficient use of hardware and not affect licensing or RPA operations.


01-31-2023 12:36

I completely support the idea but wanted to add that this is already possible with small amendments to the Login VBO. 
After changing some lines of code in the VBO we can now use any credential saved in BP to log in to any VM in Control.
Maybe there is something on DX.

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