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BI Data not mapped with Large API Calls

Last activity 01-23-2024 20:39
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By: Christopher Reakes
11-29-2023 21:42

We have a process that uses the AWD REST API to index a large amount of data that is scraped from a PDF by a bot. We have found that this large post of Indexing often results in data not being successfully mapped to BI. After speaking with Customer Care, there is no obvious reason why the Mapper doesn't capture all indexing. This missing data causes confusion with downstream reporting as the CSD has the data but the report does not. The only way to correct the mapping is to delete the indexed value and index it with the same data moments later which can result in the in reps spending a significant amount of time manually correcting the data so the reporting is correct. 

It would be nice if there was a nightly batch cycle that could reconcile the BI LOB tables against the AWD Indexing to ensure the BI tables contain the correct most recent indexing, as clients do not have access to the Live LOB Data and not all fields that are configured for BI are mapped to the AWDBE table for clients to build a custom solution. 


Official Response
01-23-2024 17:21

Can you confirm whether or not the BIUPDATEW event recorded for your indexing is missing the complete list of LOB fields Added, Deleted, or Changed?  Please email your account rep (and/or me) with Customer Care ticket referenced.  Thanks.  Karen Hunter.

01-23-2024 20:39

Karen, I will email you the Customer Care Ticket, but the issue isn't that all records are missing from the PS027PF it is a subset. I have not done a deep enough analysis to find a pattern, but the initial review is it is just random. 

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