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Decipher - Adjusting Table Column Widths

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By: Adam Trevett
05-31-2023 14:41

Currently in Decipher, there is no way to adjust the column width of a table. This becomes extremely problematic when there are more than 4 or 5 columns in a table. Because you are unable to adjust the column widths, it makes it virtually impossible for a user to validate that the information has been extracted correctly. The user can't see what information is in the box because the column width is about 1 character wide.

Decipher has the ability to split out the image/document into another screen and make the DFD appear on one screen but even then, the table remains small (doesn't display the length of the screen like all the fields) and also doesn't allow you to adjust the column widths.

Update: In version 2.2 you can now adjust the column widths of a table but you are unable to save the widths. You should be able to adjust to a certain width so that every time you go into a document, the width of each column remains. Asking a user to do this on each document is cumbersome and tedious.


06-12-2023 06:37

I totally echo this idea. Also to add Decipher should provide table adjustment in the annotation panel also. I've seen other IDP engines where you can adjust the table columns as part of your document training and it stores this info to understand the layout

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