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Design - Invoke an automation service containing communications functionality from a dynamic form.

Last activity 09-30-2022 16:18
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By: Sonali Sokal
07-28-2022 16:09

Issue - Nothing happens when clicked on a custom button (which triggers communications element within an automation service) on dynamic form at run time. No errors in Developer console as well. Attached the screenshot for reference.

Description -  the server code for the Communications task has some limitations around being invoked outside of the context of a Presentation Flow, which is the case here when the Automation Service that contains the Communications task is being called from the Dynamic Form.

 The communications task is designed to run from an automated service in a presentation flow, not to be called from a form. Hence creating an enhancement request to overcome the limitation. 

We have tried it with Normal form and is working fine for it., but not for Dynamic form.

Murali has created 2 models and tested it in the environment you are using i.e.
Comm Creation Dynamic Form Flow
Comm Creation Normal Flow 

Please have a look at those models.

Please refer the screenshots for better understanding.

Client - AI4 Process Ltd. 
Client Env - Dev

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