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Direct Python Integration

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By: Chris Brook
08-31-2022 16:21

Problem Statement:
Currently we have a number of use cases which require Python scripts to complete specific NLE activity or to support with the management of files such as:

  • encrypting/ decrypting with specific PGP keys
  • converting protected PDF documents to unprotected, editable and readable documents for OCR extraction
  • managing multiple PDF documents such as deleting pages, merging documents

These scripts are currently utilised as standalone py files which are triggered via Blue Prism; but not within Blue Prism.

Proposed Solution:

  • Include Python as a supported language within Blue Prism code stages
  • Provide Python as an installable supporting application alongside core Blue Prism product installer
  • Provide the ability to run 'pip install' to obtain dependencies for scripts all within Blue Prism.


Official Response

Hi Chris, 

Thank you for submitting your idea. We've reviewed it and has been submitted to be scored by the rest of our ideation team. 

Please check back for progress on your idea in the future.

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4 days ago

@Eslam Ghandour Thanks. I just wanted to understand where they have documents like that. I couldn’t find it on BP docs or anywhere else, so I wondered where they had placed it. It's a bit unfortunate when useful documents like this just are in community threads.. 

4 days ago

@Rolf Eide Syvertsen 
Usually when I face an issue I always search the community for situations like it. You can refer to this post where I found the document provided by one of the community moderator.

4 days ago

@Eslam Ghandour Thanks for the link. How and where did you find this document? 

11 days ago

This is already available and you can do it by adding the ironpython.dll file to be available for your object studio. 

Refer to Code Stage document page 30

I do agree that it's considered a bit complicated and it can be simplified, but you still can utilize it.

30 days ago

should be really amazing

02-07-2023 15:47

This Feature will help us a lot

02-07-2023 15:40

Welcomed feature!

02-07-2023 15:31


02-06-2023 07:21

yes please

02-03-2023 10:40

It would be an amazing improvement. Let's do it!

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