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Correct the destination of the approval request according to the guide

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By: 北澤 寿浩
06-05-2023 08:00

Regarding the operation when "Any approver" is selected in Interact > Create form > Default approval type, the guide says "anyone who is a member of the role will be able to approve any

But actually, approval requests are sent not only to the approvers within the role set on the form, but to all users who have been granted approver privileges. When I asked for the support desk about this point, it was the answer that it is the current specification.

However, when operating Interact in a large-scale organization, even if there is a case where approval is requested to the superior of one's own group, there is no case where an approval request is sent to all approval authority holders within the organization regardless of the group. Therefore, we are unable to use the approval function in actual operation.

Please consider changing the specifications that Approval requests can be sent to any approver within a specific group, such as sending to approvers within the role specified in "Interact role" or allowing the selection of a role to which approval is sent separately from "Interact role" 


Interactフォームの基本設定 > 「デフォルト承認タイプ」で「任意の承認者」を選択した場合、ガイド上は「役割(role)のメンバーであれば~承認できます」と記載があります。



「Interact role」で指定した役割内の承認者に送信する仕様とするか、「Interact role」とは別に承認を送る「役割(role)」を選択できる仕様とするなど、特定のグループ内の任意の承認者に承認依頼が送信されるよう、仕様の変更を検討お願いします。

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