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01-10-2019 00:00

Looking through the vendor provided assets it's apparent that many of them contain published actions, objects, or processes that just won't work. Many of them seem to suffer from really poor in-asset documentation (if it exists at all), unintuitive action definitions for inputs/outputs and flow, and a general absence of any design or code standards. It seems like if there could be some sort of combination of asset "certification" from BP and community feedback/ranking/comment mechanisms it would go a long way toward avoiding wasted time on these.


Official Response
Thanks for the feedback on the DX assets. We will be providing a feedback mechanism for assets in the next release of the DX slated for the end of January. I think this will help as it will allow the users to rate and comment on the different assets.

01-28-2019 00:00

Hi Alex,
Just wanted to let you know that there is also a new community coming for the DX, so there will be an additional avenue for comments/feedback in the near future! The DX site itself will not be changing, but these forums will be moved to a platform that allows for greater collaboration around the assets that are available here.
Keep an eye on these forums for updates around that, and please continue to share your feedback, we can use all the input we can get when building out the new program!
Thank you,
Melanie Giuliani

01-16-2019 00:00

Awesome, thanks so much for the reply Richard.

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