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Blue Prism Champions




Engage with industry analysts and journalists to share your unique vision and insight. Your persistence, passion and success will drive influence. Gain exposure for your team and your business. Not only will you be recognized as leaders, but we’ll also help you promote your success within your organization. After every eligible activity you complete, you will receive an email with instructions on how to claim your rewards. These include branded items, gift cards, or charity donations. 

Elevate your voice, share your story, and help promote your team's successes within the industry and your organization.

The program terms can be found here.


Raise your hand
Fill out a short form to tell us more about yourself, and we’ll be in touch to schedule an introductory call.

Introductory call
   Meet with a member of our team to review the program and discuss potential opportunities.  

Welcome, Champion!
You are now an official member of the program! We’ll contact you when opportunities arise based on         your profile.


Take part in an activity
Share your expertise and insights on intelligent automation.

Redeem your reward
   Choose your Reward to treat yourself or your team. We will send you an email with the information on how to redeem your rewards.


Only in the activities you're interested in! You can get involved by speaking at events, collaborating with us on telling your success story, talking to the press, or even taking reference calls.
Any Blue Prism customer, regardless of their seniority, tenure or location.​ After you sign-up, we’ll have a quick chat with you to determine the activities you’d like to participate, ensuring they align with your company’s policies. At this time the program is not open to partners or individual contributors.
  1. Fill in this short survey ​to tell us a bit more about yourself.
  2. Meet with a member of our team to review the program and discuss potential opportunities.
  3. You’re now an official member of the program! We’ll contact you when opportunities arise based on your profile.​
  4. After your activities, we’ll send you a link where you can choose a reward to treat yourself or your team to thank you for your time
The Blue Prism Community Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program is aimed at rewarding our top contributors on the Blue Prism Community site. Members of the MVP program are chosen yearly based on their participation on the Blue Prism Community, and get access to an array of perks, including a private community, VIP treatment at Blue Prism Events, and entry into exclusive webcasts and feedback sessions. Whereas Blue Prism Champions are customers that are willing to share their experience to the broader intelligent automation community through customer stories, events, peer-to-peer references, etc. Joining the program acts as a hand-raiser that you are up for collaborating with us, and will be our first port-of-call when we get new opportunities. You can definitely join both programs and be both a Champion and an MVP!
Of course! Upon joining the Champions program, we give you the opportunity to opt-out of receiving Rewards to be able to comply with your internal guidelines. Our Rewards include more than just gifts and branded items, but also charity donations.
Yes, not all of our reference activities are public or act as a public endorsement of Blue Prism. The Champions Program is also a great opportunity for you to grow your personal profile and share your expertise within the industry as an individual in a way that is dissociated with your employer. We often get requests from industry analysts, journalists, other customers or prospective customers to speak with existing Blue Prism users to share their experience working with us and using a digital workforce.
Feel free to send them over to